Your treatment consultation

We offer FREE INITIAL CONSULTATIONS for the following treatments – click on each link for details:

Depending on the treatment your consultation is for, we may ask for key information about your medical history. We will examine your teeth and gums. We may also do diagnostics in the form of a 3D dental CT scan, X-rays or digital images of your teeth. You will be able to discuss what you expect from the treatment in question, and every aspect will be explained in a way that is easy to understand.

Your options explained

There may be various options regarding the procedure that is best for you, the period of completion, and how you pay for your treatment. We will explain all the possibilities so you can make informed choices.


Our care for you does not end with the successful completion of the procedure you are having. We will advise you on maintenance to ensure its longevity. Regular dental checkups and hygienist visits will be encouraged so you continue to have all the care you need.

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