Straighter teeth – smile for success!

Does your smile reflect the real YOU?

A genuine, confident and natural-looking smile has a real effect on people. Improving yours could well win you that job, that promotion or that date! It’s all about the signals a smile can give; how it can make someone feel about themselves – and how it can strongly influence how they perceive you.

Are you presenting yourself at your best – and is the real you shining through? If you’re less than content with the way your teeth look, it’s worth talking to an expert. Perhaps your teeth aren’t as straight as you’d like them to be, or you feel they are poorly aligned, or perhaps you had orthodontic treatment in the past and your teeth have since moved out of place. Whatever the reason, our experts at Improve Your Smile can help.

Beautiful teeth – in a matter of months

Your smile could be transformed in as little as six months by a simple process involving the gentle repositioning of your teeth using adult braces – a relatively pain-free procedure bringing excellent results in a short time. Cleverly made to be hardly visible, adult braces start working their magic as soon as they have been fitted. Some types are even removable, should you prefer to be without them for that important interview or date. Once the braces have done their job, leaving your teeth in a regular curve, any imperfections such as discoloration or chipping can also be addressed, for a result you might never have thought possible!

Finally, your dentist will fit an invisible retainer behind your teeth, making sure everything stays where it should be, so your new perfect smile never lets you down. Not only will you look better, but a new inner confidence will shine through every time you smile. This, in turn, will make others more responsive to you. At work, at a party, or wherever you are – you’ll quickly notice the difference.

Dr Ma at Improve Your Smile is currently offering free initial consultations for ClearSmile Brace, ClearSmile Aligner and Inman Aligner treatments. Book here, or ring 020 8504 2704.