What is Root Canal Treatment?

Often referred to as endodontic treatment, this process deals with infection at the centre of a tooth in such a way that the tooth can be retained instead of being extracted and replaced with an artificial alternative. At Woodford House we have two dentists with a special interest in endodontics – Dr Gazani and Dr Richman.

Why might I need Root Canal Treatment?

Even if a tooth does not hurt, it may need Root Canal Treatment. Our dentists will quickly identify if this is the case.
Make an appointment with us without delay if you notice any of the following:

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold food and drink that lingers
  • Swelling around the tooth
  • Swollen or painful gum
  • Uncomfortable bite
  • Severe toothache
  • Cracks or chips in the teeth

Would there be other options?

If your tooth has been identified as needing Root Canal Treatment, extraction would be an alternative but unless the missing tooth is replaced with an implant or dental bridge, the gap would cause adjacent teeth to shift, eventually making biting and chewing more difficult. Fitting a bridge often means compromising healthy teeth either side of the gap.

Our approach

We believe in keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible – preferably for a lifetime. We use the latest technology and methods to ensure your comfort. Nervous patients may opt for sedation which we are happy to provide where helpful. In every treatment we offer, we are keen to provide what is best for our patients’ long-term oral health and wellbeing.