What are restorations?

If your teeth have been damaged or compromised but the root is still present, they may need help in the form of a repair or replacement of part of a tooth. This type of work includes fillings, composite restorations, dental bonding, crowns or bridges.

Why might I need restorative work?

If one or more of your teeth have suffered chips or minor injury from an accident, from playing sport, or even from biting something particularly hard, we may recommend that you have restorative work to return your teeth to their natural shape. Another common cause of wear and damage is tooth grinding during sleep – if you do this, we can help!

What restorative procedures are available?

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Our experience and expertise in restorative dentistry means we can achieve the best possible long-term result for you – and a completely natural-looking smile. Arrange your free consultation to find out more.

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