Your protection and safety

New measures in place

All the team at Improve Your Smile are now expert in new, safer methods of patient care. The following measures are in place to protect both you and our team:

  • An anti-viral clean air system is installed throughout the practice
  • Hand sanitisers are available
  • A transparent screen at the reception desk makes safe communication easier
  • A staggered appointments system enables distancing between patients
  • Designated appointment times will be for vulnerable people only
  • Extra time has been added between appointments, for disinfecting rooms and for the air purification system to clean the air before you enter them
  • All our team members will change into work clothes on arrival at the practice and change again before leaving
  • Surfaces including door handles, flushes in our washrooms, taps, etc. will be regularly disinfected with a product 80 times more effective than bleach. While this is highly effective against covid-19, it is non-toxic to people.
  • At reception you will find screens at our reception desks, and our team will be wearing visors
  • In our treatment roooms and elsewhere in the practice, extra layers of protection are worn by all. This includes high grade masks, gowns, hats, eye protection and visors
  • Dental dams and other devices – We may use a sheet of material to isolate a tooth or teeth before we begin some treatments. Using powerful suction, we will keep you safe and comfortable while we carry out any treatment

Your safety

Looking after the health of our patients is our absolute priority. To ensure the safety of everyone, we have introduced the Viruskiller TM technology air purification system throughout the practice, which has the ability to neutralise airborne viruses and bacteria from the air before they are inhaled. We have installed VK401 Radic8 units – the manufacturer is a leading name in clean air technology.

As a dental practice, we work in an environment where the prevention of the spread of infections is woven into everything we do. We have always maintained an exceptionally high standard of clinical hygiene, but our procedures are now upgraded to an even higher level following Government advice and guidance. We use a surface disinfectant that is proven to be effective against the Coronavirus and that is environmentally safe.

All team members have been trained in using personal protective equipment in line with current recommendations based on evidence. We apologise in advance for the necessary reduction in social interaction this necessitates. In addition to our regular masks we now wear gowns, visors, aprons and special high-filtration masks. But be assured, we are still the same friendly team underneath it all!


The vast majority of our patients are otherwise healthy without Coronavirus infection and we are confident in providing dental care for these patients in as normal an environment as possible, while bearing in mind our responsibilities to mitigate risk of infection-spread.

This policy will be constantly reviewed and updated as appropriate.vIf you have any questions about this policy or about your dental care at Woodford House Dental Practice, please contact us on We look forward to welcoming you at Woodford House – as always.

The Patient Care Team, Improve Your Smile

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