SmileDirectClub closure: IYS to the rescue

What happened with the American company SmileDirectClub?

This December, thousands of people undergoing orthodontics found themselves abandoned, mid-treatment, by the US-based dental company SmileDirectClub. Their sales operations had recently expanded into the UK, but despite strong reservations expressed by the British dental profession about SmileDirectClub’s methods, there was no intervention. Many patients had paid the firm considerable sums before learning its activities had been shut down worldwide. Those on monthly contracts, designed to spread the cost, were told to continue their regular payments, regardless of what had happened.

Why we care

If you are one of the many people left in the lurch by the demise of SmileDirectClub, we understand how anxious you’ll be feeling about the money you parted with. But if your treatment had begun and was then aborted, our concern is the long-term effect on your oral health. Plus, at this point you may be wondering if you will ever have the attractive smile you thought you were paying for.

How we can help

We advise you to speak to your local dentist. Alternatively, you could book a free initial consultation at our practice. This can be in person, or virtually. We will be able to determine how far into the teeth-straightening process you are, and help you make a plan towards achieving the smile you wanted.

Orthodontics at Improve Your Smile

At Improve Your Smile we have a long track record of orthodontic successes, transforming the appearances of many of our patients and boosting their confidence. View some of our case studies here.

Our orthodontist is Dr Panagiota Anagnostopoulou – known as ‘Dr Pani’ at the practice. Learn more about Dr Pani here. If you book a free initial consultation with Dr Pani, mentioning your experience with SmileDirectClub, we’ll do what we can to help you find a way forward. It should still be possible for you to have the attractive smile you wanted.

Don’t give up… there’s plenty of hope!