Afraid of going to the dentist?

We’ll make it all much easier than you imagined – fear of dental treatment, or even fear of dentists, isn’t uncommon. Rest assured, we can put you at your ease so you can have the dental treatment you need, in comfort and without those anxieties.

Enjoy your treatment, anxiety-free

We will make sure you understand the treatment you are having, and will reassure you if you have a particular concern. You will feel good in our luxurious treatment chairs; we have soft blankets available for lengthier procedures, and we can offer you music of your own choice if it helps.

If this isn’t enough, let us help you further. You might like to have Conscious Sedation, which puts you in a completely relaxed state of mind in preparation for your treatment. This will enable you to go through your whole dental treatment feeling only positive emotions. You will remain calm and relaxed, but will still be able to respond to any requests or instructions from the dentist, as you will be fully conscious.

Conscious sedation can be administered either intravenously or through the mouth. The effects of the sedatives will be felt immediately, and will wear off within a few hours. You will only remember pleasant things about the entire procedure.

Conscious Sedation at Improve Your Smile offers you a worry-free experience while you have the dental treatment you need. You’ve come to the right place!

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