Keep them pearly


The whiter they are, the better they look – but is it really worth having your teeth whitened, and is it safe?

In the natural world, a good set of white teeth is seen as an outward indication of good health, as well as of youth – so whether we are aware of it or not, the whiteness of our teeth instantly affects how attractive we are to others. The whiter our teeth, the more healthy and youthful we are perceived as being. White teeth also give an impression of general hygiene, and are seen as an indication that we have high standards for ourselves generally.

In theory, a balanced diet of good, natural foods with fresh vegetables and fruit, and plenty of water to drink – coupled with proper attention to oral hygiene, of course – should keep our teeth reasonably bright. A dull yellow layer of dental plaque can build up as a result of a bad diet, or insufficient tooth-cleaning. But even the healthiest and cleanest people can find they have stained or discoloured teeth, and tea, coffee, red wine – and, eventually, age – can darken them considerably.

If you’ve never had your teeth professionally whitened before, you may be surprised how much whiter your teeth could look. Only a qualified dentist can legally offer tooth-whitening – but first, a thorough cleaning by a hygienist offers the basis for a good result. Improve Your Smile are currently offering a complimentary consultation for tooth-whitening.

The process we use gently but effectively lightens your teeth to their true natural whiteness: many of our patients have been astonished at the difference after having the treatment.

A note of caution though: while we at Woodford House only sell highest-quality products that are safe, some tooth-whitening products obtainable elsewhere could actually harm tooth enamel – so if you are considering having your teeth whitened, be sure to talk to us first! Our method is safe, effective and brings great results.

Ask for a free initial consultation for teeth-whitening now on 020 8504 2704 or book your appointment here, and enjoy a whiter smile!

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