Oral cancer detection


It’s not just about teeth.

Cancer of the mouth, or oral cancer, is on the increase in Britain, according to the Oral Health Foundation. The past few years have seen an increase in the number of reported cases to approaching 6,000 a year for a disease that used to be comparatively rare. The disease is the result of abnormal activity in the development and reproduction of cells.

People who smoke, drink alcohol or who eat a lot of red meat and fried foods are more likely to develop mouth cancer, although a number of other causes have recently been identified too – and it can actually happen to anyone, no matter how carefully they look after themselves.

At Improve Your Smile, the whole team of dentists and hygienists are trained in oral cancer detection as part of a holistic approach to mouth-care. Every time they examine your mouth they will be on the lookout for anything suspicious, so make sure you have regular dental check-ups. In between appointments, be on guard for any warning signs yourself too. Examine your whole mouth including under your tongue, inside your cheeks and the roof of your mouth. Have you any swellings, or ulcers that have been there more than 12 days and aren’t healing? Can you see any red and/or white blotches – or anything else you think may not be normal? If you find anything suspicious, don’t wait – ring 020 8504 2704 for an urgent appointment.