Are others seeing the real you?

‘I hid my smile for years! Now I don’t have to.’

We often hear the above words from patients who have had work done on their teeth at Woodford House. ‘Smile-hiding’ generally starts in the teens, as the individual starts to become self-conscious about their looks – but it can also develop in later years, particularly after periods of dental neglect. Without help, the habit can last a lifetime – and long after the person has stopped realising they are doing it.

Socially, the effects on others can be obvious – strangers may feel snubbed, or believe the person doesn’t like them. Or if they don’t take it personally, they may just assume their new acquaintance is by nature reserved, lacking in friendliness and probably unhappy. In a situation such as a job interview, however, these perceptions matter in a different way. A candidate who never smiles is likely to be seen as lacking empathy and openness – perhaps not a good team player as well as not much fun to work with.

We all look less than friendly sometimes – without meaning to. But do you do any of the following?

  • Look down at the floor when someone says something nice to you
  • Adopt an expression that is misleadingly coy
  • Grit your teeth when someone starts telling a joke
  • Put your hand in front of your mouth when you feel a smile coming on

If you do, wait no longer! Whatever you think might be the issue, give us a ring at Improve Your Smile. Perhaps you’re worried about your general oral health if you haven’t seen a dentist in a while, and feel you need a proper assessment. Or, if you would like an informal chat about any of the following procedures, we’ll offer you a free consultation to discuss the best way forward for you:

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