Free mouth cancer checks

Are you mouth-aware?

Beware lumps, bumps and ulcers! The number of people in the UK diagnosed with mouth cancer has increased by a third in the last decade – the disease now takes more lives each year than road traffic accidents do. As many as one in seven of us knows somebody with mouth cancer, according to the Oral Health Foundation. However, figures also reveal that while the survival rate is 50% after late diagnosis, it is 90% after early diagnosis, indicating the importance to all of us of being ‘mouth aware’.

Although some groups are at higher risk of having mouth cancer than others, ANYBODY can get it.

At Improve Your Smile all our practitioners are trained in detecting the early signs. Our dentists and hygienists include a mouth cancer check in every examination our patients have with us. However, if you are new to us, or if you are worried about any possible danger signs in YOUR mouth that you have been aware of for three weeks or more, come to us for a FREE MOUTH CANCER CHECK as soon as you are able to arrange it.

Contact us to arrange a free mouth cancer check NOW!

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