Why have dental implants?

If you have lost any teeth, you might like to talk to us about having implants, rather than removable dentures or bridges. The dental implant procedure is simple and relatively painless. An implant is normally a cylindrical titanium post, placed into your jaw so your bone can grow around it. The implant takes the place of the tooth root that is no longer there, and a permanent denture is finally attached to the implant. Your new tooth can be treated like your normal teeth. If you continue to look after it along with your other teeth and your gums, the implant should last a lifetime.  Learn more about the implants process

Why choose us for your dental implants?

  • Dr Malik and his team have over 25 years’ experience of placing and restoring dental implants and reconstructing lost smiles.
  • We use only top-quality branded and clinically tested implant systems – no inferior copy systems.
  • We work only with the best dental laboratories and the most skilled technicians.
  • We will give you all the care you need throughout your treatment.
  • We are a UK-trained dental team with excellent communication skills.

Same-day implants

We are in some cases able to offer a one-day service, so the patient can walk out with a full set of new teeth on the same day. Read more about same-day implants – or Teeth in a Day.

Dental Implants Gallery

View dental implant case studies by Improve Your Smile