Could dental implants be right for you?

Have you loose or missing teeth, or do you wear dentures? Dental implants could change your life

If any of your teeth are weak or loose – or perhaps you’ve lost them already – they will need replacing. While dentures suit some people’s needs very well, there are major disadvantages to others such as difficulties with eating, and the fact that they are not permanent.

As natural bone shrinkage occurs over time, dentures tend to become loose and ill-fitting – and have to be replaced again.

There is a superior alternative: dental implants are permanent and trouble-free.

A titanium post is anchored in the socket where the tooth root normally sits, then an artificial tooth is attached to it, either as a crown or a bridge. Implants may be treated exactly like normal teeth – and need to be cared for in the same way. With implants you can eat with confidence, anywhere.

‘Being able to chew food properly, and without embarrassment, is a major benefit,’ says Dr Malik of Woodford House Dental Practice.

‘Maintaining a sensible diet when you have unreliable crowns or loose-fitting dentures can be difficult. People end up eating badly because foods such as cake and bread are easier to consume than meat, vegetables and fresh fruit. With dental implants you can eat all food.’

Dentures still have a place in modern dentistry, of course, and dentures anchored by dental implants are often chosen as a less expensive option to full crown and bridge work – to begin with, at least. A patient can start with two or four dental implants which support a denture then later upgrade to full crown and bridgework.

‘It could be a false economy to start off with conventional dentures, though,’ says Dr Malik. ‘In the long run, you may be better off having implants as soon as your own teeth are failing.

To reduce initial outlay, you could go for the upgradable options rather than having one implant for every individual tooth, or else have implants one or two at a time. The cost of the work can also be spread by beneficial payment plans, which Woodford House is pleased to offer. ‘All in all,’ continues Dr Malik, ‘dental implants are one of the best investments you could ever make.’

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