A cleaner, healthier mouth

We’re well-known for using the latest and best methods throughout the practice. Our hygienists are now using the EMS Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) method for finding any areas of concern in your mouth. Your teeth and any pockets in your gums harbouring bacteria are then thoroughly cleaned by the EMS Airflow® treatment.

Why is Guided Biofilm Therapy important?

A build-up of plaque on your teeth means bacteria are able to colonise your mouth. These are made visible to the hygienist by the use of a disclosing dye, which ensures nothing that shouldn’t be there gets missed in the cleaning process to follow. The EMS Biofilm Discloser makes the biofilm and any problematic areas immediately visible.

EMS Airflow® – a ‘warm spa’ for your teeth

Once all the areas of bacteria in your mouth are identified, our hygienist will be ready to use the Airflow® which gives you a better result and a more comfortable experience than traditional cleaning and scaling methods. Patients say it feels like a ‘warm spa’ for their teeth. But it’s not just the comfort aspect that makes this a better way to give your mouth a thorough clean. The Airflow® system has all the following advantages:

Thorough cleaning

Hygienists have traditionally used metal scaling tools, that inevitably abrade tooth enamel, however carefully they are used. Airflow® is gentle on any type of dental tissue – dentine, cementum, enamel or gums and removes biofilm and stains from natural teeth, restorations and implants. It also removes biofilm from the gums, tongue and palate and can reach into any deep pockets in the gum tissue – for example, where implants have been fitted. Once the biofilm is removed, plaque is easier to detect.

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After treatment we will advise you on maintenance to ensure lasting benefits. Patients are guided on maintaining better oral hygiene. Regular dental checkups and hygienist visits will be encouraged, so you continue to have any attention you need.

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