Attention sports lovers

Are you fully kitted out for your favourite sport?

You need us! We can help with:

  • preventing injury to your teeth and gums
  • repairing existing damage
  • solutions for tooth loss
  • solutions for historical damage such as cracks and discolouration
  • ways to spread costs including helpful payment plans

Mouth guards

If you take part in sports of any kind, you will know the importance of protecting your teeth from injury. You may already have suffered a blow to your face or lost a front tooth in accidents playing cricket, boxing, cycling, falling off a horse or even swimming. Those who play contact sports such as rugby, hockey or baseball, where they continually come up close to other people in action, need specially-made mouth guards. While off-the-peg versions are available, the ‘one size fits all’ idea is not going to give your teeth the protection they need.

We can make one designed only for your mouth and your teeth – so if an accident should occur on your pitch, you’ll be so glad you were wearing your specially-made guard!

Repairing existing damage

If your mouth has already suffered an injury, no matter how long ago, our dentists can help. If the damage is extensive or you’ve lost a tooth and might want an implant, ask for a free consultation with Dr Amjad Malik. He has dealt with a number of instances of major damage over the years including long-term problems where tooth loss or other untreated injuries have caused further problems. He will explain all your options. Improve Your Smile offers many ways to make the best solutions possible for our patients, including beneficial payment plans to spread costs.

We hope you’ve never had any accidents playing your favourite sport but by their very nature, accidents are never foreseen! Make an appointment at Improve Your Smile for your custom-made mouth guard.

Remember: only a mouth guard that has been made to fit YOU will give your teeth adequate protection.