What are CT scans?

A 3D dental CT scan provides three-dimensional images of the teeth, jawbones and oral cavity – offering more accurate information than X-rays. It enables a dentist or oral surgeon to see the actual make-up of the bone, and provides 3D cross-sectional views of the jaws, allowing accurate assessment of how much bone is available to take implants. A 3D CT scan is helpful in the following situations:

  • when the implants need to be placed in delicate areas of the jawbone
  • when patients need to undergo same-day/immediate treatment involving the placement of multiple implants
  • where several implants need to be attached, or a full arch of them
  • when patients need advanced supporting treatments such as bone grafting, sinus lift (or sinus grafting), and nerve-repositioning

The Picasso Duo from Vatech

Improve Your Smile is one of the few UK practices to have the Picasso Duo CT scanner. This model is specially designed for oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists and implantologists to determine whether a patient’s mouth is suitable for implant surgery, and identify the best sites for the implants. It provides a panoramic image, showing teeth and dental roots in detail and much more.

What does having a 3D dental CT scan involve?

Having a CT scan taken by the Picasso Duo is generally a comfortable experience. Before the images are taken, you will be asked to remove any metal items from your head and neck, because metal can cause images to be distorted. You will then be asked to rest your face on the CT scanner chin rest, while your head is comfortably cushioned. It is important to remain still while the scan is being done, to ensure images are precise and clear. The images will be sent straight to your dentist’s computer so he or she can study them and discuss your implant options.