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Your New Patient Examination

Not all dental checkups are the same

Come to Woodford House, take advantage of our £50 SPECIAL OFFER and discover the difference!

Our comprehensive oral health examination is ­designed to help you understand what is happening in your mouth, and to diagnose ­potential dental problems such as gum disease, acid erosion and excessive wear of the teeth. A New Patient Examination at Woodford House includes:

  • A thorough examination of your teeth and any fillings, taking digital X-rays. Are your teeth healthy? Are there signs of damage or decay, or any bone loss?
  • Your gums are evaluated to detect any disease – do they bleed?
    Digital photographs of your teeth – you too can see what the dentist sees.
  • Oral cancer screen – a review of the soft tissues, looking for any bumps or lumps.
  • Your bite – how your upper and lower teeth meet. Are there signs of excessive wear and breaking teeth? Do you suffer from migraines, or pain in your jaw joints?
  • Blood pressure – As part of our ­Wellness Dentistry ­approach we screen for signs of ill health. Many people are unaware their blood pressure is too high or too low.

If treatment is needed, the team at Woodford House will work with you with a personalised plan to achieve your goals, whether you want better dental health, a more comfortable mouth or a more ­attractive smile – ­perhaps all three!

We are currently offering this at the special price of £50 instead of £100. Book your appointment now!

Ask us about aesthetic dentistry

Our first concern, of course, is your oral health. But if you might be interested in having aesthetic dentistry you’re in the right place for that too, so do ask! We will answer your questions and advise on any procedures that might be suitable to achieve your aims. Our dentists use smile-enhancing software which will show you what can be achieved in your particular case. Learn about your free initial consultation for aesthetic dentistry including tooth whitening here. Examples of our work with other patients may be seen here.

As well as for Aesthetic treatments, we offer complimentary initial consultations for Dental Implants and Teeth Straightening.

We are able to offer patients a range of helpful payment options. Find more details here or talk to us at your New Patient Examination about what could be the best choice for you.

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