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How our hygienists can help

We want to help you keep your mouth healthy!

At Improve Your Smile, we are intent on helping our patients understand the importance of oral hygiene in preventing dental problems and gum disease. Our friendly hygienists are there to help you with this. They will also teach your child to enjoy looking after their teeth – appointments with a good hygienist should be a happy part of your child’s normal dental régime too (see further down).

What you can expect from a visit to one of our hygienists

Looking after our oral health is something we need help with throughout our lives, as our needs change with time. Our hygienists can show you the best way to brush your teeth, advise on diet, and create a programme of care, tailored to your lifestyle. They are also highly trained to deal with gum disease when it occurs. An adult appointment may include the following:

    • A thorough analysis of your condition on your first visit
    • Measuring the depth of the pockets around individual teeth
    • Identifying areas showing bleeding, swelling and tenderness
    • Starting the removal of plaque and tartar with hand instruments and ultrasonic instruments for immediate reduction of oral bacteria
    • Removal of plaque remaining in pockets deep under the gum line
    • If necessary, prescribing antibiotics to kill some of the bacteria.

After the first treatment, an intense home-care regime, combined with regular visits, will show a marked improvement. The need for further visits and treatment you need will depend on how your gums respond. As always, prevention is better than cure. So to learn how to look after your teeth in the best way, book your appointment with our hygienist now!

Children’s visits to the hygienist

At Improve Your Smile we believe a well-trained professional hygienist plays an essential role in ensuring the future of every person’s oral health, but for best results our visits should begin in early childhood. Using an interesting range of resources, our hygienists will engage your children in learning effective brushing and other techniques that will stand them in good stead the rest of their lives. They will also learn to understand the value of a sensible diet. Our hygienists at Improve Your Smile love working with children, and we know all our young patients find their visits both informative and fun. Your child’s hygienist visits will prove a worthwhile investment they will also thoroughly enjoy! Book an appointment here.


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