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Teeth whitening

A brighter, more youthful smile in just a few days!

Over time, some of life’s pleasures – including tea, coffee and red wine – can stain your teeth, aging your appearance when you smile or when you speak. With guidance from your dentist at Improve Your Smile, a home-based tooth whitening treatment can safely bring a youthful brightness back to your teeth and within just a few days you will have a whiter smile. You’ll have complete control on the colour change – when your teeth are the colour you are happy with, just stop – it’s that easy. Such a simple improvement can increase your confidence more than you might imagine, till you experience it yourself! Please note that only a dentist can help whiten your teeth safely. Our method is safe and painless.

We offer a Free Initial Consultation for tooth whitening. Book your appointment today.

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Teeth whitening at home

At your complimentary whitening consultation, our dentist will assess if tooth whitening is suitable for you. At Improve Your Smile we offer two options for safe tooth whitening. Our dentist will identify the right one for you and discuss it with you. Professional Home Whitening includes tailor-made whitening trays and gel kit, with instructions for you to use at home. The trays can be worn both at the same time, or separately.

At Improve Your Smile, ALL the products we use are safe, provided you use them exactly as we recommend. Be warned that home whitening products available off the shelf or online may have concentrations that can harm your teeth and gums – or simply not work at all.

Who can have teeth whitening?

At Improve Your Smile, safe teeth whitening treatments are available to everyone over the age of 18, though we recommend that people with gum disease or other dental health problems have those issues dealt with first. At our complimentary consultation we will assess and discuss this with you and advise you of your options. Certain stains may be difficult to remove with the usual teeth whitening procedures. Staining caused by the use of Tetracycline antibiotics, for example, may need to be addressed with dental porcelain veneers. We will discuss all your options at your complimentary consultation: book your appointment here.

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