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Missing teeth

Have you any teeth missing?

The loss even of only one natural tooth can be distressing. You may find you can’t bite into your food or chew properly, leading to digestive problems – and you become aware of an annoying lisping sound when you speak. And if the gap is visible, you may feel self-conscious about it. We have various options to solve the problem for you depending on the particular situation. These include dentures, dental bridges or, the best solution: dental implants. If they are well-looked-after along with your other teeth, implants created at Improve Your Smile should remain trouble-free for the rest of your days.

Why should I replace missing teeth?

If you ignore your missing tooth, you are likely to face problems in the long term. Teeth provide support to your facial muscles, so if you lose any teeth, your face will eventually suffer a sunken look in your cheeks or mouth area. But much more important is that your general health may suffer if you cannot bite and chew effectively. It is important to find a solution.

What solutions are there to missing teeth?

There are three basic options:

  • Removable dentures – the most economic option in the short-term, but having many disadvantages. They quickly become ill-fitting and can cause problems with eating and with speaking.
  • Fixed bridges – a fairly economic solution for where there are several missing teeth, but in order to secure them it is necessary to adapt, and therefore compromise, the healthy teeth either side of the gap in order to support them. They will need more maintenance than implants. Learn more about bridges here.
  • Dental implants – initially more expensive, but a lifelong and problem-free solution if looked after, as you would your normal teeth. Learn more about implants here.

Within these options there are further possibilities, including bridges that are supported by implants. From a clinical point of view, an implant is best as it will help stop adjacent teeth drifting into the space where the tooth was, and also prevent the corresponding tooth on the opposite jaw from over-erupting to fill the gap. An implant will also halt bone deterioration where the tooth root has been lost. However, implants offer unparalleled practical and aesthetic advantages too.

Make an appointment with Dr Amjad Malik, to find out your options and to decide which solution would be right for you. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss implants.

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