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Advanced supporting treatments

advanced supporting implant treatmentsWhat are advanced supporting treatments?

These treatments may be given to those for whom standard implants have been recommended, but who need slight modification to their jaw and/or a repositioning of sinuses before the implants can be put in. Procedures include sinus grafting, sinus lift and bone grafting.

Sinus grafting

This involves creating new bone in the sinus area at the back of the upper jaw. It is often necessary where teeth have been lost from that part of the mouth.

Sinus lift  

A sinus lift is usually performed in preparation for dental implants. It involves the lifting of the sinus membrane, so that enough space can be made for the bone-grafting material to be placed. The bone material will be given enough time to fully integrate with the surrounding tissue before the dental implants can be placed.

Bone grafting

bone graftingBone grafting is a surgical procedure used in dentistry to replace, add or alter the shape of bone structure that supports the teeth.

Bone grafting can be done to address damage caused by periodontal disease or other problems, which in turn may have resulted in inadequate jawbone mass. Grafting can also be done as part of preparations for a dental implant treatment, so that there will be enough jawbone structure to provide adequate support for the implants.

If any of these treatments are necessary in your case, they will be carefully explained to you at your initial consultation for implants.

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