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Dental care for all your family

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Fitting in with family life

Some of our current patients have been with us since they were small children and are now bringing their own youngsters to us, but over the years we have had as many as four generations of some families as our patients. Young, old, and those anywhere in between rely on us for the best in family dentistry.

We offer dental care that fits in with your lives. If you’re too busy to come to us during the week, we’ll arrange a Saturday appointment for you. If the best time for your children to come is during the school holidays, we’ll suggest one of our special days when children’s care is prioritised.
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How can I make sure my child’s teeth and gums stay healthy?

Laying the foundations for oral health right from the start is one of the most important things you can do for your children – and we want to help. If you develop routines that will help protect your child from tooth decay and other problems, your child will benefit for life. We recommend bringing your child for dental checkups every 6 to 9 months – your dentist will advise on how often your child should visit. This will ensure any problems, should they arise, are caught early and quickly dealt with. Prevention is better than cure! Our Frequently Asked Questions page on Children’s Dental Care may be helpful to you.

We also believe that careful brushing and good oral hygiene is a lifeskill. Our hygienists will make sure your children know the best way to look after their teeth, so do make a hygienist’s appointment for your child too – he or she will find their visit fun and interesting! More about how our hygienists can help you and your family.

Tips for parents and carers

  • Set a good example to your children with your own personal care – showing that looking after your teeth is important to you, and by arranging regular dental checkups for the whole family.
  • Visiting a really good dentist every nine months will normally be often enough unless there are mishaps or any concerns in between – but it is important to see a hygienist at least as often as that, too.

  • Remember that your general wellbeing influences the condition of your mouth but in turn, your oral health affects your general health as well – the two things are interlinked so your child needs to understand it is important to look after their whole body.
  • Eat sensibly and make sure your child does too. Good or bad dietary habits tend to be similar within a family and are likely to be passed down the generations.

Preventative measures make good economic sense, while neglect can lead to expensive complications. Make sure all generations of your family enjoy good dental care on a regular basis. Invest in your family’s future!
More about children’s dental care here

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