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Composite restorations

composite-restorationsWhat are composite restorations?

Composite restorations are fillings made from resins to match the colour, appearance and texture of your natural tooth’s surface. They have the following significant advantages over traditional mercury amalgam fillings:

  • Composite restorations don’t show.
  • Inserting them requires only minimal abrasion to the surrounding tooth – so more of your tooth’s natural structure may be left intact.

You can have natural-looking fillings anywhere in your mouth. If, however, you have a cavity that is too large or too deep, a composite restoration may not be suitable to protect your tooth. In such cases we may recommend a porcelain restoration instead, as they are stronger and more durable. If you feel unsure about the type of filling you would like, we will be happy to discuss the options with you. Our experience and expertise in restorative dentistry allows us to achieve the best possible long-term result for you – quality treatment, carried out with the utmost care and expertise for a completely natural-looking smile.

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