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'Improve Your Smile' is an award-winning modern, state-of-the-art private dental clinic situated in Woodford Green offering a friendly welcome and a comfortable, relaxing experience. We provide a comprehensive service encompassing all your needs from basic oral health and dental care to high-end cosmetic treatments.

We make a point of keeping up to date with new research in dentistry so all our patients benefit from the latest methods and technology. A dental consultation is no longer just about checking your teeth for cavities – there have been significant advancements in the dentistry field and we have responded by expanding our range of custom services to suit all needs. We offer all our patients exceptional dentistry in a pleasant environment.We offer you the confidence in having a sound set of teeth and a healthy and more comfortable mouth. If you think your smile could be improved too, we’ll be happy to discuss that with you as well.

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  • Free Mouth Cancer Screening in November Call 020 8504 2704

    mouth cancer action month

    As Part of Mouth Cancer Action Month (by British Dental Health Foundation), We are Offering Free Mouth Cancer Screening in November 2015. Lumps, bumps or ulcers? If YOUR mouth has one or more of the following: an ulcer that lingers more than three weeks an unusual lump or swelling red and white patches …don’t ignore […]

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a health checkup for Just £37.50


Why not book yourself in to give your smile and teeth a thorough checkup? It normally takes 30 minutes and we will give you great advice about looking after and even improving your smile and dental health for just £37.50

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Festive Fashion Trends by Daniella Fashion Stylist


Guest blogger Daniella Marks discusses current fashion and top trends and how best to enhance your look for the festive season. Daniella is a freelance Fashion Stylist with over ten years experience in the industry. In 2012 she founded a bespoke personal styling service. For further details please visit Add Some Sparkle To Your […]

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Tips & News. Join-in the Discussion …

  • oralcancer

    Its Not Just about Teeth. Oral Cancer…

    There is no doubt that prevention is better than cure – but where a serious health condition may not have been preventable, early detection can save lives Cancer of the mouth, or oral cancer, is on the increase in Britain, according to the British Dental Health Foundation: the past few years have seen an increase […]

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  • pearly

    Keep them Pearly

    The whiter they are, the better they look – but is it really worth having your teeth whitened – and is it safe? In the natural world, a good set of white teeth is seen as an outward indication of good health, as well as of youth – so whether we are aware of it […]

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  • headache

    & Jaw Pain

    Put away those tablets and make an appointment with your dentist! Do you ever wake up with an unexplained headache? Or do you sometimes suffer from an aching jaw? Either of these may indicate you are grinding your teeth at night… without any idea you are doing it. A good dentist will be able to tell […]

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Spotlight on Treatments

  • success

    Straighter Teeth – Smile for Success

    A genuine, confident and natural-looking smile has a real effect on people. Improving yours could well win you that job, that promotion or that date! It’s all about the signals a smile can give; how it can make someone feel about themselves – and how it can strongly influence how they perceive YOU. Are you […]

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  • implants

    Could Dental Implants be Right for You?

    Have you loose or missing teeth, or do you wear dentures? Dental implants could change your life If any of your teeth are weak or loose – or perhaps you’ve lost them already – they will need replacing. While dentures suit some people’s needs very well, there are major disadvantages to others such as difficulties […]

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